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Steven Domingues

Thinks of things, then writes them down

Working through the Procrastination

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. What have I been doing with my life?

Short answer: Procrastinating.

Long answer:

I find that creativity comes and goes. It’s an ebb and flow sort of thing. The trick that I’ve learned is that I always have a bit if creativity locked away, but the things that activate it can be difficult to find.

What I should be doing (or, rather, what I feel like I should be doing- or what I want to be doing) is writing. The last time I got into a groove successfully it was during my lunch breaks at work. About fifty solid minutes of writing time four days a week. That’s great, but I found it to be a bit of an emotional strain to not have a real “break” during the day.

I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to get back into this rhythm. Until I can find something that works, I’ve turned to other pursuits to channel my creativity.

1) RPG

There is an awesome RPG out there called Edge of the Empire that veers towards more creative interaction and storytelling than stats and fighting. I’ve been working on creating a narrative (or design module) for use in a game. There may be opportunity for publication, at least on an unofficial level, and perhaps some feedback. It’s been great using my creativity to construct a story, and a world that story lives in.

2) Game creation

Board games! In recent years I have discovered the majesty of board games, card games and other group games that may only need a pencil, paper, and a few good friends to have hours of good times. I have tried my hand at game creation in the past, and even worked up a prototype or two that never really went anywhere. A few weeks ago, inspiration struck, and I’ve started designing a board game. The rules and themes are a bit in flux right now, but more information will be forthcoming!

3) Game playing

When all else fails, I turn to game playing to satisfy that creative urge. Three games of late have fulfilled this: State of Decay, Gnomoria, and SimCity. What each of these have in common are that the player had to manage resources and build things to progress, while protecting those resources. I can sit in front of my computer for hours creating, planning, and executing ideas. It’s fun to play in another’s playground while still getting to create and fulfill ideas in your own way.

I hope to get back to writing soon. I really want to continue the story of Universal Constant… I just need to get it out of my head.


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