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Steven Domingues

Thinks of things, then writes them down

Holy Hell!

What?! It’s the last day of the year…

Time does fly. What have I been up to?

I’m now hosting a podcast with my good friend Ben Dorst. It’s just a couple if guys BSing for about an hour. We talk about anything…really…anything.

Beyond that, I’ve been doing all the behind the scenes stuff for the cast. I setup the website, the episode server, I record and edit the show. It’s been quite fun!

Other than that? Not much. I’ve been thinking non-stop about writing, but can’t seem to get myself in the correct frame if mind. I know, excuses. I need to forget about the frame of mind and just do it. Bah.

Anyway, another year gone. Good-bye 2013, hello 2014. What next?


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