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Steven Domingues

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11 March
Posted in Short Story, Writing

Part 2

Hey everyone! New content! I’ve not been able to write as much as I’ve wanted to as of late. I’ve been pretty busy with my new podcast, and all other time has been spent with family, work, dogs and video games (in that order). I stayed home sick from work […]

31 December
Posted in podcast, Thoughts, Writing

Holy Hell!

What?! It’s the last day of the year… Time does fly. What have I been up to? I’m now hosting a podcast with my good friend Ben Dorst. It’s just a couple if guys BSing for about an hour. We talk about anything…really…anything. Beyond that, I’ve been doing all […]

11 November
Posted in Games, Thoughts, Writing

Working through the Procrastination

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. What have I been doing with my life? Short answer: Procrastinating. Long answer: I find that creativity comes and goes. It’s an ebb and flow sort of thing. The trick that I’ve learned is that I always have a bit if creativity […]

18 August
Posted in Books, Thoughts, Writing

First Round of Query Letters Out

Sent out the first round of query letters on Sunday night. One of the agencies said they’d get back to me in four weeks if they were interested (email auto-response). The others said nothing. Now I get to play the waiting game I suppose. It’s weird the thoughts that go […]

12 August
Posted in Thoughts, Writing

Outline vs Writing

This weekend I sat down to write a bit, move the story forward on “Universal Constant.” It’s been slow going, maybe because it’s a genre I enjoy, or maybe because in my head the work is already finished. I wrote out an outline for this book. First time I’ve done […]

7 August
Posted in Thoughts, Writing

The Dreaded Query

I’ve been writing my query letters and damn, it’s rough. Kind of feels like a cross between a resume and a final. You have to sell yourself and prove that you’re a good author in as little text as possible. Paring down the book summary has been more difficult than […]

28 July
Posted in Internet, Thoughts, Writing

Back on the Wagon

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done any sort of regular updates, so I figure I should address what’s been going on. My wife and I bought a house! Pretty darn exciting. Although, with just under a half acre of land, there is quite a lot to tend to […]

28 July
Posted in Sales, Writing

Where to Purchase?

Greetings, I have been successfully published twice now, both in if&when. Please, do them a favor and check out their journal. It’s really good. They even have subscriptions available now, which I suggest you try out, just in case I get published by them again. Here’s a few links to […]

23 April

Yes and Now

Out now! If&when vol. one, with my short story “The Kill” is now available. Check out their website for purchasing information: I’ve submitted another short story, which isn’t featured here yet, for the second volume. I’ll update again if it’s accepted, and might just post a bit of it […]

4 March

Submission accepted

I’m happy to report that my submission to a magazine has been accepted! “The Kill” will be in the inaugural issue of If&When , a literary journal journal. I’ll post again when the issue is on sale. –Steven